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Quo Vadis
The magician asks a spectator to borrow a watch and he closes it in a blue tube. The tube is the..
P&L Goblin Phantom Tube by P&L Magic
Audiences love surprise productions - they wonder, "Where did this come from?" A startling visual..
Passé Passé Bottle by Mr. Magic
Using metal tubes, turn a bottle into a glass and a glass into a bottle. This is magical and funny! ..
Newton's Nightmare
The magic of science! Incredible magic! Or is it science? How the heck does this one wo..
19,90€ 13,93€
ABC Blocks by Daytona Magic
Here's a great effect where an object vanishes and reappears somewhere else! Three solid wood..
Appearing Rose in Tube
The magician displays a transparent tube with a pot inside it. Instantly a rose on a stem appear..
Block Penetration
Two rectangular tubes are positioned one on the other. A small sword is passed between two holes..
Blowing Card Blendo
A card is selected, noted and returned to the deck by a member of the audience. The deck is sh..
Candle through silk by Uday
A square metal tube is shown to be empty through and through. The tube has two sets of holes on ..
13,90€ 10,90€
Coin Penetration Tube by Uday
Coin penetrates through a solid plastic sheet secured between two plated tubes. ..
Crystal Tube - Deluxe
The crystal tube is shown to the spectators. The magician puts three separated silks inside of it. H..
Cylinder Penetration Metal by Mr. Magic
A powerful demonstration of Solid-Thru-Solid!! Show a large, hollow brass cylinder with two holes ne..
Disc Escape (Brass) by Mr. Magic
The performer shows five solid brass discs enameled in five different colors and a tube just large e..
32,90€ 24,90€
Genii tube
  The magician shows an elegant rectangular wooden tube . The audience can see clearly t..
Genii Tube - Split
The magician shows a rectangular tube. He opens it in half to show without any doubt that it is ..
Instant Change Tubes (Mini Silk Cylinder 6") by Ickle Pickles
This is a small version of the classic Crystal Silk Cylinder. Show a transparent tube empty, and..
Jumbo disk escape (wood)
Performer shows five solid wooden disks painted in five different colors. Also a wooden cylindrical ..
Large Crystal Silk Cylinder by Ickle Pickles
A fun way to produce or change items right in front of your audience! A set of three acrylic ..
Mirror Tube by Mr. Magic
Effect: This is a magical utility apparatus which can be used in an endless number of ways to create..
44,90€ 31,43€
One in five by Astor
The magician asks the spectator to choose one of the five small cylinders that are in the bag. The s..
P&L Phantom Tube (7") by P&L Magic
Considered to be one of the greatest and most perplexing production effects on the market. Manufactu..
First, the performer can ask any audience for a handphone, or prepare a piece of glass which is si..
79,90€ 59,90€
Perfect Bill Tube Pro - Brass
  Perfect Bill Tube - Brass   A spectator signs a bill and places it under a ..
34,90€ 24,90€
Production Tubes (Folding)
Perhaps the perfect production item for stage and family entertainers, and it packs and transports f..
14,90€ 9,90€
Silk and Bottle Mystery
A yellow silk tied on the neck of a black bottle that is on the table. The silk is untied and ..
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