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Steel core coin by Tango Magic - 2 Euro

Marca: Tango Magic
Codice prodotto: DFMCM213
Punti fedeltà: 3
Disponibilità: Available in 2 - 3 Day
Prezzo: 34,90€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 35

Steel core coin by Tango Magic - 2 Euro

This looks just like a common 2 Euro coin. In truth it is an infallible gimmick that will allow you to perform real miracles. In fact, perfectly hidden inside the coin, there is a small metal foil which makes it “sensitive” to any kind of magnet.
An accessory that has no limit of use.
• Tango Magic quality.
• The coin seems normal and can be give out for examination.
• The uses of this incredible accessory are limited only by your imagination (no instructions are supplied).

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