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Super Flash Wand - Red Light

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: MGBAC079-OUT
Punti fedeltà: 5
Disponibilità: Pronta consegna in 24 ore
Prezzo: 49,90€ 39,90€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 50

Super Flash Wand - Red Light

If you are a professional magician, this super flash wand is a must for you.

You wil be dazzling when the super flash light is on.

With the simple push of a button, you provide a sudden burst of light to enhance a disappearance,

reappearance, transposition, transformation and many other special effects.

For example: sponge ball, coin disappear
             flash wand penetrates to a cup,
             card transformation
             the color of a card changed
             light transposition

The applications and routines for the super flash wand are only limited by your imagination.

It comes with a super flash wand, a charger(input: AC 100V-240V,50/60Hz), and instruction sheet.

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