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Talecoat Jacket

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: DFUND102
Punti fedeltà: 10
Disponibilità: Pronta consegna in 24 ore
Prezzo: 99,00€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 99

Talecoat Jacket

Here is a nice jacket in shiny black fabric, with purple tur-ups.
The buttons, are ornamental as the jacket  closes with a special hook. They have small plastic diamonds that create attractive reflections under suitable lighting.
At its back the jacket has a band, that allows to adjust the size.
The jacket is sold only in one size, but, with with small tailoring touches, it will comfortably fit anyone.
On the outside the jacket has two side pockets and a chest pocket.
Inside it has an elastic band on the back, divided in 4 compartments, which may be used as a practical servant.
Under  the front lapels, there are two Velcro strips that can also be used as servants.
The tail is divided into two large pockets great for ditching objects.
• The jacket is supplied  without instructions
• Great for adding that magic touch to your clothing.

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