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Wooden Trainers Playing Cards by TCC

Marca: Magic Room / ATTN Wang Wu Zhou
Codice prodotto: MRCRT288
Punti fedeltà: 2
Disponibilità: Available - Delivery 1-2 days
Prezzo: 24,90€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 25

Wooden Trainers Playing Cards by TCC

What a wonderful way to build and display your new cardistry skills - with wooden cards.

Wooden Trainers Playing Cards is exquisite and elegant. Carefully selected walnut from North America, each piece is unique.

Containing 7 pieces of solid wood, each thickness is about 2 millimeters.

Three crafts have been utilized in making these beautiful pieces possible: polishing, carving, and painting.

Craftsmen with 10 years of experience have put in dozens of hours of manual polishing, just to achieve this amazing look and feel.

Great handling and smooth for cardistry.

You will love this amazing set of Wooden Trainers Playing Cards!

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