Le Lezioni Originali di Magia Tarbell 5 (Lezioni 41-50)

Le Lezioni Originali di Magia Tarbell 5 (Lezioni 41-50)

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    In 1926 Harlan Tarbell designed the correspondence course for conjurers, consisting of 60 lessons, which were sent one every 10 days. Those who followed the whole course then obtained a diploma. Over the years, this work has become the reference point for hundreds of thousands of conjurers around the world.

    In this book the original lessons are collected, presented with an accurate translation into Italian and with the clear drawings that distinguished them. In fact, the author was also an illustrator. The work was originally to be created by Harry Houdini, but due to lack of time, he suggested to the publisher, for his magical abilities, Harlan Tarbell.

    The lessons are designed to accompany those who begin in magic and provide techniques, routines, accompanying speeches, psychological principles, presentation suggestions. Even those who already have skills on the subject, find in these lessons valuable material to enrich their skills.

    This fourth volume collects lessons 41-50 of the complete work, 460 pages with 786 b / w drawings.

    These are the contents of lessons 41-50.

    Lesson 41 - The beautiful principles of handling billiard balls with excellent effects using these principles.

    Lesson 42 - New ideas for inexpensive magic, presented in fact original by Arthur Pope, Cardini, Bert Douglas and also by Tarbell, including handkerchiefs that change color, combinations of billiard balls, effects with fruit and sweets, in addition to the famous' popcorn in the hat '.

    Lesson 43 - Great principles for productions with jacket and hat. Rabbits, of course, in addition to other objects.

    Lesson 44 - Chemical and mechanical magic. The famous effect with wine and water and some magical cooking recipes are included. Precious principles for an original magic are explained.

    Lesson 45 - Spiritual magic: you are taught the principles used by mediums as well as those of magicians. How to perform a spirit session.

    Lesson 46 - Continuation of spiritualist magic, with spirit sessions in the dark, thought projection, sessions in the closet and escapology.

    Lesson 47 - Principles and routines of the uniting rings of Laurant and Namreh.

    Lesson 48 - Principles on which the world famous 'growing Hindu mango tree' is based - also effects with other growing plants, a Kolar effect, and the mysterious Tarbell's 'growing Hindu plant' and the effect with firecrackers.

    Lesson 49 - Gorgeous Chinese Magic.

    Lesson 50 - The famous Tarbellard Rope Routine.