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Dream Pad by João Miranda


From the creative mind of João Miranda comes a new confabulation effect for close-up, never seen before. Dream Pad allows you to predict ANYTHING, from numbers, words, places, and even personal information such as a spectator ID. Here's an example of a basic routine: The magician shows a small pa..

Paul Romhany

Dream Prediction Elite Version (Wallet) by Paul Ro...


You place an envelope containing a prediction in full view of your audience. A spectator can hold or place the prediction on a table. (The envelope containing the prediction has a clear window so the prediction can be seen in the envelope the ENTIRE TIME!)  Next, you ask your spectators to nam..

Tenyo Magic

Dream Psychometry by Tenyo Magic


With Dream Psychometry, you'll be able to read the minds of your spectator and guess the things that they deeply desire; your spectator will walk away completely amazed. When a trick combines a clever mathematical principle with devilishly constructed patter and presentation it can become first-rate..


EAC (Electric Audio Controller) by CIGMA Magic


E.A.C, a pack exclusively designed to support Cloud 9 System, consists of four different types of switches working on different methods. You can strategically equipped one of the four switches according to your performing environment, making your routine smoother and more miraculous.  Magnetic..

Yigal Mesika

Electric Touch+ (Plus) DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Me...


Power you can see, hear and feel  "A very powerful way to spark a reaction."  - David Blaine  "It's brilliant and electrifying!"  - Cyril  "...Yigal's products are incredibly innovative, clever and a must have for those who want to create miracles anywhere, at any..


ELF (Electronic Light Flash) by CIGMA Magic


ELF, a miniature flasher with high illumination, will alert your audience to be impacted by your following effects. Created to be a branch of Cloud 9 System, ELF has common plug hole with Cloud 9. So the two products can be triggered by shared switches. With extra pins installed, ELF outnumbers all ..

Di Fatta

Enchanted Necklace


The performer displays a transparent tube and some colored beads. He drops the loose beads one by one inside the tube. Finally the performer makes a throwing motion with the tube. The beads shoot out from inside the tube in the form of a necklace. A great trick for kids entertainers! • The tube mi..


Enigma Pad (bonus 3 pack) by Paul Romhany


The Enigma Pad is a multi-purpose tool for magicians and mentalists that has been secretly used by Paul Romhany for many years in walk-around situations, Television and stage shows. This unique pad has multiple uses; from the most convincing Add-a-Number type routine to a finale for "Which Hand". Th..


ESP Match Board - ESP Prediction


The mentalist shows five cards esp symbols and places them on one side of the board in plexiglass. Then, it shows the other five cards and asks a member of the audience to choose the order in which they want it to appear on the other side. The choices coincide amazingly! Easy and effective! • The ..


ESP Prediction - Deluxe


The mentalist shows 5 cards with ESP symbols and slides them one by one into one side of a plexiglass panel. He then shows other 5 cards with the same symbols on them and asks a spectator where he would like to position them on the opposite side of the panel. Incredibly the magicians choice and the ..

EVP by Alan Rorrison - original item


EVP by Alan Rorrison - original item



"EVP is a genius idea and can be applied in more than one way.... I had to have it on my show!" - Troy  "This is the only thing I have ever (and with some embarrassment) uttered the words 'game changer' about. It's a seance in someone else's pocket." - Anthony Jaquin "EVP is the strongest mir..


Exploding Bulb


A light bulb is chosen from a pack of six, made to sign by a person of the public and put in a plastic bag. The bulb is hand held by the mentalist who, after a few seconds of concentration, can shatter through the power of his mind.   Great for mentalists and lovers of bizarre magic!   • E..

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