Change Bag with Zipper Greatest Prop Small

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    Greatest Utility Prop Ever!




    A bag that does all the above effects for you!

    Place an item in the bag. Instantly turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished! The item is then made to reappear!

    It also can be used to exchange one item for another. For instance, show the bag empty; put a black silk into it. Reach in and the black silk has now become a yellow one!

    This change bag with zipper allows you to push your hand right through to show the bag "empty"!

    You can even let your audience check the inside of the bag and they will never find the gimmick!

    Inner Diametre(approx.): 8.5cm  or  3.5inch

    Length from handle to zipper(height)(approx.): 22.5cm or 8.7inch