Crooked (DVD and Props)

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Crooked (DVD and Props)

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    Shift the spots on a die to an impossible position.

    Dr. Sack's dice routine is in the pockets of many performers for a reason-it's a time-tested classic. And while the ending as it was first described is good, it leaves a lot of magicians wanting a little something extra.

    Unlike anything before it, with Crooked you finish by really moving the dots on a die to a new position (an odd position!) and then handingit out for examination in this new, impossible condition.

    Crooked is produced by TRCKY and comes with three dice, a natural linen bag to carry everything and a DVD explaining Ronnie's routines. The DVD also includes effects by David Regal and Rich Aviles, plus much, much more.


    Basic Routine - A quick and simple single-die routine -

    Advanced Routine - Expanding on the classic Dr. Sack routine.

    Les Scheyer's Dice Interlude - A very cool intro to any dice routine, and a magical way to show all six sides of a die.

    David Regal's Spot Remover -David kindly allowed us to include his wonderful one-die effect on the DVD. This is great!

    Rich's Visible Slide - This allows you to get one-ahead while you appear to visibly slide one of the spots on a die to a new location.

    ...and more!

    "A great ending that actually fits the premise. Excellent!"
    - Steve Mayhew

    "Now THAT is the best version I have ever seen! Beautifully constructed."
    - John Carey

    "For close up and intimate workers, this is plain and simple a reputation maker that you'll use the rest of your life. This is one of the

    best value, high return on investment, magic items that I've purchased ever." - Jack Carpenter