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Paul Voodini

21 by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD


21 is a fascinating reading and character analysis system for mentalists, mind-readers and magicians based around the card game, Blackjack. It is a mesmerizing game of fate and fortune that combines the cool world of the casino with the intriguing feats of the psychics. With the 21 system, you will ..

Paul Voodini

3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts by Paul Voodini eBook DOWN...


Paul Voodini's 3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts is a full, self-contained, multi-phase reading system. It's perfect for any situation - impromptu or in-depth. Utilizing just 3 coins (your own or borrowed), you will be able to give wonderful, uplifting readings to both friends and complete strangers. Because ..

Luu Duc Hieu

421 Transport by David Luu video DOWNLOAD


Here's a beauty of a multi-phase close-up card trick that entertains and astonishes! In the first phase, a spectator selects a card (let's imagine a Queen), as well as a number from 1-4. After the magician places their card back into the deck, it is miraculously shown that the face-down deck now ha..

Paul Voodini

A Lightning Rod to the Spirits by Paul Voodini eBo...


Bizarre and spooky magic is all the rage these days! Find out why with this classic of the genre. A Lightning Rod to the Spirits contains four exciting routines -- ones that are proud to have their feet planted very firmly in the world of Spooky and Bizarre Magick! Utilizing the most common and simp..

Black Jacket Entertainment Company LLC

A Magician Prepares: Act One - Interviews by Joshu...


A Magician Prepares Act One - Interviews explores the relationship between magic, art, and theater. These are intimate conversations with top professionals from the secretive world of magic. Each interview is an unscripted journey of personal stories, unique insights, and valuable advice in creating..

Paul Voodini

Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way by Paul Vood...


Affinity is a new way of looking at readings that takes the positive elements from both the esoteric world and the cold reading/mentalism world, and molds them together into something new - a 3rd Way. Being a mentalist and a magician who spent a large portion of his formative years believing in the..

MagicShow2Go BC

After Dark by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD


After Dark by Matt Johnson - Achieve the power of X-Ray vision! Ever since its release, Dark Arts by Matt Mello has become a favorite amongst Magicians and Mentalists all over the world. With permission from Matt Mello himself, Matt Johnson has taken the original Dark Arts envelope and supercharg..

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

At The Table July 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD


First up this month is none other than Tom Elderfield! Tom is known as one of the first magicians to use the Instagram platform to show off his new creative work. From doing this, Tom has gained a reputation for creating highly visual and crazy gimmicks with everyday objects. Already Tom has created..

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

At The Table June 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD


This June, join us for a pair of amazing lectures At The Table! First up is one of the most prolific thinkers and creators in magic today! We're proud to welcome Paul Romhany for an At The Table lecture like no other! A writer of over 60 books, the editor for Vanish Magazine, and the inventor of co..

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

At The Table Live Lecture Christian Engblom June 2...


One third of the world-famous Fat Brothers and a student of Juan Tamariz, Christian Engblom is nothing short of a miracle worker when it comes to card magic. You may know this virtuoso for his work on Anti-Faro, The Cooler, or Pieces, but now he's bringing that brilliance for a session with us. So, ..

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