In The Deck (Red) by Doc Dixon

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In The Deck (Red) by Doc Dixon

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    IN THE DECK: A Signed Card To Impossible Location Where The Location Itself Is Impossible

    A card is signed and placed in the center of the deck. It repeatedly rises to the top of the deck. The performer explains the selection is now in the deck. Placing the deck on the spectator's hand, the top of the deck pops up like a lid, revealing the previously shuffled deck has now transformed itself into a solid box made from cards. Inside the now "box of cards" is the spectator's signed selection, folded into fourths.

    Resets immediately
    Finishes clean in the spectator's hands
    Simple Execution With Maximum Impact

    In The Deck includes: Handcrafted deck made with custom precision die-cut cards, training dvd with several routine options.