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0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo - original-artikel
Lyman Luo a talented underground magician in Guangzhou, China. He created one of the most visual s..
10 Exact Cuts
A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and another spectator simply names any of the four suits. T..
39,90€ 29,90€
25 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
The Stripper Deck is one of the most ingenious magical tools ever devised. This broadcast quality DV..
24,90€ 19,90€
1 Beurteilungen.
3D Advertising
A Magician showcases a catalog of different colored deck of cards. With a little shake of the ca..
27,00€ 19,90€
3D Crystal by Higpon (Iphone Trick) with DVD
A spectator shuffles the deck as many times as she likes.  The magician turns around and s..
3Sixty by Wayne Dobson - original
3Sixty by Wayne Dobson is a revolutionary card to box effect. A perfect ending to your ambitious..
52 Shades Gimmicks (20.ct) by Shin Lim - original-artikel
Included are 20 gimmicks specifically made for 52 Shades of Red by Shin Lim. ..
52B Wave by Vernet - original-artikel
The magician gives a blue backed deck to a spectator explaining it contains a prediction. Then h..
ACE (Cards and Online instructions) by Richard Sanders
2 jokers are cleanly placed int the spectator's hands and two jokers are placed into your hands,..
Ali Gator by Chazpro - original-artikel
There are many possible uses for this clever device. Just One Of the Effects Possible: A mini deck (..
Alladin (DVD and Gimmick) by Duvivier - original-artikel
With a few cards, you can accomplish amazing things! Take a small packet of cards and make them seem..
Ambelitious Card by Masuda
The performer takes out a deck of cards.   A spectator selects a single card and is..
29,90€ 24,90€
Ambitious Classic (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
Greatest Magic World - Ehrgeizige Classic (Dauer 53 Minuten). Einige der Ambitious Card Routine h..
Angle Z by Daniel Madison & Ellusionist DVD - original-artikel
Angle Z was introduced in 2007 as "Angle Zero". At the time, Daniel didn't realize the true powe..
Animated Deck by Tim Spinosa - original-artikel
The Hottest Animated Trick To Hit the Market! This new animated trick has been taken to a whole new ..
Anniversary Waltz (Special Cards and Online Instructions) by Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason
Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern d..
Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
Greatest Magic World - Anniversary Waltz - Karten Fusion (1 Stunde und 8 Minuten). Michael Ammar ..
Any Card At Any Number - Luchen Version
Guarda il video-demo di "Any Card At Any Number of Luchen's Version".   Non è la ve..
29,90€ 24,90€
Any Card to Any Spectator's Wallet Black (DVD and Gimmick) By Jeff Kaylor and Michael Ammar - original-artikel
Any Signed Card to Any Spectators Wallet: Any card is chosen, signed, & placed back into ..
Apparitionally Yours by Mark Lee
A card is selected by a spectator from a regular deck, and is placed face down on the table. The Mag..
Array (Gimmick and DVD) by Baz Taylor and Alakazam Magic
Baz Taylors Array has taken John Bannon's now classic "Play It Straight Triumph" Plot to new hei..
At the Table Live Lecture by Bobby Motta - DVD
Lecture 13 has gotten rave reviews from all who have attended. The material Bobby teaches is pow..
ATTO Presents: Logical Deck by Touson
Without touching or looking at a selected card, you can divine the name of the selection even wi..
Beyond Belief by Peter Eggink - DVD
Peter's card magic is extremely visual, and guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience. If..
Bicycle Fast N Genious & Fake N Genious
Each of the 55 cards in these two decks has a unique colorfull illustration. Missing from this d..
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