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Balls into melon
The magician is holding two balls, one yellow and one green. He presses them together and when h..
Balls into rabbit
The magician is seen holding two white balls. He pushes the together and when he opens his hands, ..
Egg to Turtle
The magician shows a sponge egg in his hand. The egg is pushed into his closed left hand. He wav..
Miracle Rabbit from Magic by Gosh
The magician displays a red sponge ball and claims that he will actually make it disappear in fron..
Mouse to watermelon
The magician shows one sponge mouse in his hand. The mouse is pushed into his closed left hand. ..
Production Birthday Cake
Here is a great item to enrich your performances during birthday parties. Call up the birthday b..
Production of carrots - Sponge
The magician shows the audience a carrot. Suddenly a second carrot appears from nowhere. Finding..
Sponge Carrots by Alan Wong
Magicians produce rabbits out of a hat. If you are too busy to manage that, you can produce rabbi..
Sponge Eyeballs by Alan Wong
Are you ready for some unusual, bizarre sponge magic? If you are looking for something differ..
Sponge Ice Cream by Alexander May
You know you want one of these!!! End off your show by pulling an ice-cream from someone's ear..
Sponge Ice Cream Cone - Multicolour
As soon as you produce these amazing sponge ice cream cones, kids will scream for ice-cream!&n..
Clown Nose 2" - Sponge (Red)
Clown noses sponge (Red). ..
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Eine professionelle Banane Produktion
Der Zauberer zeigt dem Publikum eine Banane und gleich erscheint noch eine. So hat er jetzt zwei..
Foam Brick Goshman
A very realistic-looking but light and perfectly safe foam brick with many possible comedy uses. ..
Foam Rock Boulder (Large)
Boulders look just like real granite-without the weight! Hand-crafted of light-weight foam. Note..
Jumbo Sponge Blendo
The magician shows one sponge ball and one cube in each hand. The cube is  placed into hi..
Magic Hearts - Double Red Sponge
  Close up magic party fun- Hearts Switch Magic Game Inexpensive and fun magic tricks that ev..
Mouse to cheese
The magician shows one sponge mouse in his hand. The mouse is pushed into his closed left hand. ..
Multiplying Pencils - Sponge
The magician shows the audience a pencil. Suddenly a second pencil appears from nowhere. Findi..
Multiplying Sponge Elephant To Jumbo Mystery
An elephant of sponge is placed in the hand of a spectator. The viewer then reopen the closed ha..
7,90€ 6,90€
Spongeball Toolbox - DVD and Gimmick - original-artikel
This toolbox contains everything you need: Props, Sponge Balls, Purse Frame, and a DVD with over 2 h..
Tenyo - Mystery Doghouse
Three different colored sponge dogs all change to the same color! With this prop, you can perfo..
SPONGE by Jay Noblezada (DVD + 4 Red Sponge Balls)
Sponge balls are simple. All we're talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge..
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Sponge Cupcake (2 pieces) by Alexander May
Careful, people might try to eat these! Set of 2 cupcakes, light brown 'cake' part with pink i..
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