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Ali Gator by Chazpro - original item
There are many possible uses for this clever device. Just One Of the Effects Possible: A mini deck (..
Ball balance
Show the audience a small box with two balls inside. Next hand the box out to a spectator challe..
Blackboard Prediction Card
Pocket Size INSTANT Mentalism   Three spectators freely given thoughts are revealed writt..
Chinese Boxes Set
A spectator is asked to sign a coin and put it inside a small case that is then sealed with some..
Color Change Chips
Two poker chips with black spots on both sides, when put them together and tap them, the c..
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Egg to Bird -  one egg version
The magician shows a box with, inside an egg. Once removed, the magician just a snap of the fi..
Eraser in Magic Box
This product is mainly suitable for children to have entertainment. It is suitable for those ..
Evaporating Milk Mug - Mini
Show your audience a pitcher filled with milk. Then you pour the milk into a cone made by nesp..
Funny prediction - 10 of hearts
The magician asks a lady in the audience to choose a card, saying that he already has a predic..
Funny prediction - 7 of diamonds
The magician asks a lady in the audience to choose a card, saying that he already has a predic..
Ghost Coin
A coin appears and vanishes right in front of the spectator’s eyes! • Very easy to do. ..
Grandma's Necklace by Uday
Three large wooden beads are threaded on two strings, a knot is tied over the beads, yet they ma..
11,90€ 9,90€
Hidden prediction
The magician pulls out a prediction card and places it on the table. He then asks a spectator to..
Horsy Lady
Magician shows a picture of a beautiful girl in a window holder. Everyone can see her HEAD through t..
Let's Swap a Card
Mingle cards and are divided into two bunches turned back to the top. Whether a spectator the ..
Magic Animal Coloring Book
Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain position..
Magic Cross
Display two different colors of lock blocks, get them crossed locked and ask the audience to open th..
Magic frame - Pencil through card and frame
Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the c..
Magic Snapper
Only you know its Secret   The magician shows how to "snap" a rubberband placed in ..
Magic Snapper - Deluxe
Show a small tube containing an elastic band and a small bar on one end. Insert the bar in the..
Mapez - Balloon Fun Box
The set that is in this colorful box, will allow you to explore the fantastic world of balloon s..
Mapez - Balloon Fun Box - Pro
The set that is in this elegant box, will allow you to explore the fantastic world of balloon sc..
Mental Prediction Board by Royal Magic
Three examples of mind reading in one! The magician introduces a board with six spaces for writing ..
9,90€ 7,90€
Molten Ball & Tube
The solid steel ball is too large to fit inside the steel tube, but at the performer’s command, it l..
Mummy Mystery (Deluxe) by Mr. Magic
Three different colored mummies and an empty sarcophagus (coffin) are displayed to your spectator(s)..
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