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Bag O Lights (Blu Light)
10 LIGHTS !!  Then Blown out for the Closer !!  A 21ST Century Magic Prop &nb..
Bag O Lights (Red Light)
10 LIGHTS !!  Then Blown out for the Closer !!  A 21ST Century Magic Prop   Per..
Blink Thumb
Blink Thumb, is more than just another thumb-tip. With this prop you will be in control of the ..
E-Case by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
  The hit of the MAGICLIVE dealers room    This electronic hand built un..
199,00€ 139,90€
Electric Touch+ (Plus) Accessories by Yigal Mesika - original item
Additional accessories for the new and improved Electric Touch + Contains a high quality magnet a..
Electric Touch+ (Plus) DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika - original item
Power you can see, hear and feel  "A very powerful way to spark a reaction."  - Da..
Exploding Light Bulb by Yigal Mesika - original item
The effect will happen in moments. The mystery will last forever.  As seen performed on ..
Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders (DVD)
All the original eye-popping material from Fiber Optics  PLUS 10 brand new phases, 5 b..
Lighted Mouth
Complete  include:  D'Lite Pair Set ( Morph Changing )  and a lite mouth set. ..
Miracle Light Bulb
The brightest magic light bulb available! Our model uses a super bright LED & provides a ..
Mystical Power Pen - Remote Control
Equivalent to PSI Sharpie effect.    This is the final perfect version of this p..
49,90€ 44,90€
Remote Color Changing Bulb - Seven Colors
The magician removes the bulb from the lamp holder, He took bulb placed anywhere,the bulb can auto..
149,90€ 99,90€
Smoke 4 Electronic (Device + 10 refills)
Produce a Whopping Puff of Smoke From Your Bare Hands! A simple vanish is now real magic, not j..
Thumb Tip Flash
The Thumb Tip Flash is a unique gimmick.   Truly thousands of other applications ..
99,00€ 69,90€
Thumb Tip Flash - Electronic
With this gimmick you will be able to enchant any audience. You can produce spectacular flashes ..
Ultimate Flash Sharpie by J.C Magic
It is a regular pen that can write, and a prop that can dazzle people. If you are a professio..
Color-Changing Light Bulb - Magnet Control
Magician holding a light bulb, the bulb can automatically change its color from red,blue to wh..
44,90€ 24,90€
D Lite Pair Set - Morph Changing
With this classic gimmick you can "grab" lights in the air. They can go any many variations. H..
19,90€ 12,90€
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D'lite by Rocco Silano - Blue Light
Produce infinite lights from thin air! They come and go as you please! A must have for any magic..
Now you will be able to put the lite from your fingers to any place you need (Your shirt, a bo..
Ghost Hand 3.0 - Hi-Tech Electronic Card Switcher
Automatically switch to another card when you put one card inside!! Ghost Hand 3.0 is a ultim..
67,90€ 59,90€
Magic Light Bulb
Show a full size, glass light bulb. Screw it into your fist and it lights up! You can make this bulb..
12,90€ 11,90€
Magnet Control Magic Light Bulb
The "Magnet Control Magic Light Bulb" is made to look like a energy efficient jumbo sized ligh..
49,90€ 39,90€
Magnetic Detector
Do away with your PK Rings! This is an electronic accessory that you could work into any eff..
74,90€ 49,90€
Mental Cubes by Astor
Somebody from the audience is requested to move any number of cubes (between 0 and 5) from the r..
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