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NAVY Effects Set of Vol. 1 & 2 by Jaehoon Lim - DVD

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    Finally, Jaehoon Lim was discharged from Korea's Navy!

    While beginning in the Navy, Jaehoon devoted himself to the study of card color changes. Over the past two years, he has developed amazing and practical color changes.

    Jaehoon is now ready to share this material in his new DVD, Navy Effects.

    Navy Effects focuses on brand new and practical card color changes.

    Jaehoon shows you each color change in detail with multiple video angles, slow motion video, (A,B) cards and transparent cards to make learning faster and easier.

    If you love color changes, this is a DVD you must have!

    Navy Effects Volume 1

    [Basic Skill]

    Thumb fan
    Double lift
    In-jog and Double cut
    Secret reverse
    Pinky count
    Fan flip over
    Riffle force
    Bottom palm

    [Card Color Change]
    Rewind snap change
    Hit change
    J.H. shake change
    Wink Change Flick change
    Shadow change

    [Routine and Trick]
    Winkey card
    J.H. Red Hot Mama
    Winner of the game
    Color changing deck

    - NAVY EFFECTS Volume One
    - Gaff cards for the routines

    Running time: 90 min

    Learn amazing, practical, and beautiful color changes with 3 hours of explanations from international magician, Jaehoon Lim!