Jamy Ian Swiss: Live In London - DVD

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Jamy Ian Swiss: Live In London - DVD

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    Jamy's performances and reputation as an accomplished teacher and incisive thinker have been attested to by Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Dai Vernon, Johnny Thompson and many others. This DVD includes his entire lecture, teaching in depth ground-breaking tricks and routines that have already been adopted by many of magic's top professionals. Included are his definitive versions of Card in Box, Card in Matchbook, Animated Finger Ring, three secret card folds and much more. Intensely powerful sleight-of-hand magic.
    This exciting lecture is packed with practical material from a professional's working repertoire - filled with real-life information about the performance of magic - all delivered in Jamy's powerful, entertaining style! Content Includes:

    THE KISS OF THE BIG APPLE - The last word in "card in container" routines, featuring an original element that has since been adopted and varied by countless other magicians.
    WISHFUL THINKING - The ultimate Card in Matchbook.
    THE ANIMATED RING - Based on an Al Baker creation and remarkably easy to do, yet probably the most powerful invisible thread effect yet. 

    Among the sleights taught are three different secret card folding techniques, including Jamy's own diabolical "Under-the- Spread Fold."
    This is more than a lecture, it's a carefully constructed performance, a session with an expert teacher, a riveting motivational experience. These are not merely magic lessons, these are life lessons!