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Qubik's Quick Change Bag by Lee Alex

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    The Chameleon/Gag Bag brought up to date!
    • Made with custom printed fabrics in colors that will match your Rubik's puzzle cube.

    The outside of the bag shows a mixed puzzle cube design (front and back different combinations).

    The bag is turned inside out to reveal a "solved" red cube.

    The bag is turned inside out to reveal a "solved" red cube.

    This is repeated again and again. Each time a different colored solved puzzle cube can be shown. Colors can be shown in any sequence under the control of the performer.

    SEVEN DESIGNS - 6 CHANGES (red, yellow, white, blue, orange, green and MIXED).

    Bag measures approx 10 inches (25 cm) square - visual on the largest of stages.

    Big enough to accommodate a "Rubik's" puzzle cube, or more.

    "Qubik's" Quick Change Bag by Lee Alex can be used as a:
    • Flat change bag
    • Force bag
    • Running gag throughout your show
    • Prediction Reveal
    • Accessory for any "Rubik's" Cube magic routine
    • Accompaniment to the "Qubik's" color change vest
    Quality, digitally printed fabrics. Hand-finished.

    "The best color change bag I have ever seen!"
    - Jeff McBride, Las Vegas.

    Note: Puzzle cube NOT SUPPLIED