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Mazzo di carte Bicycle Stargazer 201 Playing Cards by US Playing Card Co

  • €11.90
    • Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 12
    • Brands U.S.P.C.C.
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCRT2987
    • Punti Fedeltà: 1
    • Disponibilità: Disponibile - spedito in un giorno
    Embark on a cosmic adventure with Bicycle Stargazer 201.

    Gaze into the scarlet and magenta depths of the Crab Nebula on every card back with photography captured by the Hubble Telescope on September 19, 2002. With constellation-inspired court card designs, and a silver-foil inlayed tuck, you'll be dealing out a universe of entertainment.