Multifunctional Care Glasses

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Multifunctional Care Glasses

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    • Codice Prodotto: MGACC105-OUT
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    Effect: The glasses will flash when you press the switch in the earpieces. Great to use with D'lite.
    Structure: Each side of the glasses comes one white LED lamp, and the projecting portion is the laser head. The LED lamp and the laser are controlled by two different switches located in the earpieces.
    Material: Made of plastic, with the use of cyclic flashing integrated circuit(IC) and ultra bright LED light source, the flashing (fast flash- slow flash - stop) will do circularly once the curcirt is put through.
    Come with 6 pieces of electron, just change it when run out.
    Features: Great as souvenirs for full-length theatrical performance or pub show. To make the  paritis more lively with this "mask shape" flashing glasses.
    Dimension: 17.5CM(L)*3.6cm(W)