The Vault - Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith Jr. video DOWNLOAD

The Vault - Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith Jr. video DOWNLOAD

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    Questo particolare ed esclusivo video-training su questo specifico effetto di magia, prodotto da una delle più prestigiose e riconosciute case magiche del mondo, è visionabile immediatamente dopo il pagamento tramite un download che potrai effettuare direttamente nel tuo computer.

    Become a card thrower! If you're already one, then improve your skills dramatically with this video download.

    Rick Smith Jr. is THE card-throwing champion for speed, distance, and accuracy. Not only that, he is a WORLD RECORD HOLDER for throwing a playing card 216 feet and 4 inches at a top speed of 92 miles per hour! Now, he's ready to give you the secrets to the most effective techniques in card throwing-- transforming you into a card-throwing ninja in minutes. You don't have to be Rick Smith Jr. in order to throw like him.

    Just a few secret techniques and styles, taught in this video, will bring you from zero to pro in no time. In Velocity, you will quickly learn:

    • The hidden technique for throwing with the power to slice and penetrate
    • The secret to throwing for speed, distance, and accuracy
    • How to slice through fruits and vegetables like a Samurai blade
    • How to penetrate hard surfaces like crystallized Styrofoam, pumpkins, and cardboard
    • How to make a card whistle as it cuts through the air
    • Trick throwing styles and stunts
    • Multiple throwing styles and when to use them
    • Safety precautions
    • Proposition betting
    • How to get a crowd with card throwing
    • How to create your own card-throwing show
    • Four NEW single-handed card flicks that eject cards without throwing them
    • How to start with no knowledge of card throwing and become deadly fast

    No other video lets you in on this much card-throwing technique and performance information. So, suit up and get ready to be transformed into a card-throwing ninja with Velocity.