News April 2018

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Conjuring Arts Research Center

Exquisite Bolder Playing Cards by Expert Playing C...


Introducing Exquisite Bolder with Perfecta Foil - LIMITED QUANTITY! The original Exquisite Bold from Expert Playing Card Co.® was the first deck by any card company to incorporate foil into the back design of a playing card. We did this a few years ago and the Exquisite Bold decks sold out quickl..

Conjuring Arts Research Center

Flywheels Playing Cards by Jackson Robinson and Ex...


Inspired by the iron horse letterpress machines of the late 1800's and early 1900's, Flywheels Playing Cards is a limited-edition deck of luxury playing cards. The deck features a striking black on white back design. And, the iconic flywheel, the driving force behind these beautiful machines, is fea..

Fantasma Toys

Rubik's Cube Cloning with Trick Cube (15 Tricks) b...


RUBIK'S CUBE CLONING! MAGICALLY BREAK A CUBE INTO 8 PIECES! Rubik's Cube Cloning: With a shake, a small trick cube explodes into several tiny cubes! Apparatus can also be used to vanish a small trick cube or transform the trick cube into something else entirely! Rubik's Confusion Cards: A s..

Fantasma Toys

Rubik's Cube Prophecy Magic (With 15 Tricks) by Fa...


Baffling mindreading magic with a Rubik's Cube theme! Rubik's Prophecy: Six different plastic plates are shown. Each has an illustration of a scrambled Rubik's Cube on the front, and one of the colors of the Rubik's Cube on the back. A spectator randomly chooses one of the plates. A small envelop..

Henry Evans

Smart Pen (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by He...


Are you looking for an amazing feat that happens in the hands of the spectator? One that is incredibly strong and combines two effects? Then Henry Evans has just the thing for you: Tell your audience about your late grandfather, whose spirit is always with you and mysteriously helps you with magic. ..

Sushi Design Ltd

Spellendar (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Ph...


Spellendar is an amazing, new self-working miracle from the brain of UK mentalist Phill Smith. One spectator freely chooses a word from a calendar and remembers the date associated with that word. Another mentally chooses a card from a shuffled deck. A deck, in full view since the beginning of the e..

Handlordz, LLC

Cardistry Kiwi Ninjas (Green) Playing Cards by Wor...


This is how you do a GREEN Cardistry deck! Cardistry KIWI Ninjas by De'vo. De'vo's playing cards are world famous for both their functional design and their superior handling abilities. They are used by the world's best card experts, poker players, and magicians! They have appeared on many televi..

IndianWolf Studios LLC

Hanami Hanafuda Playing Cards (Limited Edition)


Hanami Hanafuda is a vibrant floral-themed deck featuring 54 unique, fully custom, and beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards. Inspired by the floral motifs and symbolism-rich imagery of traditional Japanese hanafuda, Hanami is a stunning modernization and celebration of a timeless classic. ..

Fantasma Toys

Rubik's Playing Cards by Fantasma Magic


The Rubik's Playing Cards is the latest addition to Fantasma Magic's Rubik's line of products! This special 54-card deck features 52 regular cards in a cool Rubik's design and 2 special Jokers that do a great magic trick! The deck also has a hidden secret (on the back), but we don't want to spoil th..

Magic Dream

SPEX GLASSES (2 of Hearts Version) by Magic Dream


One spectator will be able to know the identity of another spectator's card! The SPEX GLASSES will allow you to perform this MIRACLE anytime, anywhere with anyone! A card is selected and lost in the pack of cards. Ask a second spectator to put on a pair of SPEX GLASSES. Borrow a lighter or sma..

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