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RPG by Horret Wu & Red Tsai


RPG is a strong and visual card magic. It’s fast and impacting in performance, and incredible in effect.A spectator freely chooses a card. It’s signed and lost back into the deck. The performer card use a daily object to “explode” the deck and reveal the selection. - No thread.- No electronic d..


#PassFatto Playing Cards by Diego Allegri


Here are the #Passfatto Playing Cards by the  exceptional Diego Allegri.An excellent deck, perfect for your... PASS and not only! - 5,000 limited edition decks!- Air-Cushion finish.- Printed by the USPCC.- Created by Diego Allegri.- Designed by Jonathan Cadenazzi.• The cards are poker size..

Black Roses Playing Cards

2nd Edition Black Roses Playing Cards


The Black Roses are blooming again for the second time in a very grounded green color. Designed in Germany by the lead graphic designer of the Orbit Deck Daniel Schneider. The 2nd Edition Black Roses Playing Cards features a minimal floral design inspired by classic playing card composition. Unlike ..

Mariano Goni Fernandez

Alien Mind Reading by Mariano Goñi


From the creator of Defiance and Coffee Cup comes the most Direct Mentalism Device. Alien Mind Reading runs on Android (iPhone version incoming), but your spectator only needs a browser with internet (any device). It comes with a very special electronic gimmick. Several mentalism effects can be perf..

Bicycle Knights Playing Cards


Be sent back to medieval times. Knights, armor, tinges of red. It's all here for you to experience. This is a medieval knights themed deck suitable for all playing card purposes; games, magic tricks and cardisty. Also, a highly collectable deck with a low one-time print run and individually numbered..


Bicycle Monster Playing Cards


DON'T BE SCARED!! A spooky, premium deck of Bicycle-branded playing cards inspired by the classic monsters from stories and myths. These have been created in a fun style that will appeal to all ages. Each set of courts represents a different type of monster. Clubs are Water Dwellers J = Swamp Creatu..


Bicycle Ophidian Playing Cards


A deck with the hypnotic beauty of a snake by ShapeShifters Playing Cards, printed by the USPCC and distributed by Gambler's Warehouse. Enigmatic, dangerous, elusive... its curves awaken a mixture of fear and curiosity provoking a hypnotic attraction. Since the devil himself used its form to tempt t..


Bicycle Sumi Playing Cards


Concept of the Sumi Playing Cards This deck is an homage to Irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo art form. The Sumi Playing Cards faithfully emulates the iconic elements of ukiyo-e, fantastical mythological creatures, and Heroes of the Marsh to forge a visual playing card masterpiece like no oth..

BREATH by Peter Eggink


BREATH by Peter Eggink and MagicfromHolland is yet again an AMAZING piece of visual magic AND also the PERFECT ICEBREAKER! You can be the hero of the party and blow them away with BREATH. Lots of (starting) magicians say it is hard to walk up to a perfect stranger and begin performing magic. Well gu..

Tony Karpinski

Card Star by Tony Karpinski


Looking for a powerful and dramatic way to reveal your spectator's cards? The Card Star allows for a flashy appearance of five selected cards at each point of the decorative star. The unit is made of solid mahogany with a strip of inlay running on each leg of the star. The appearance of the cards is..


Cardiographic LITE RED CARD by Martin Lewis


Cardiographic LITE RED CARD packs all the power of its famous parent. Featured in David Coppefield's touring show, this is the trick that recently earned Jon Dorenbos a golden buzzer on America's Got Talent. Effect: Spectator selects a card. Magician says he's drawn the card on a pad, and turns the ..


Chop Cup Balls Black Leather (Set of 2) by Leo Sme...


Set of handmade, unique Chop Cup Balls. Each set consists of two 1 inch baseballs, one featured with a magnet. Black leather with Red stitching...

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