Outcased by Peter Eggink and JB Magic - DVD

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Outcased by Peter Eggink and JB Magic - DVD

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    After your favourite ambitious card effect, the signed card is lost in the centre of any deck. The deck is then placed back inside its case. A rubber band is wrapped around the case width wise. The magician claims that the signed card will now penetrate the box and land outside the case under the rubberband. Just a shake and the SIGNED card VISUALLY leaps outside the box. This looks amazing. What's more with NO SWITCH or any other moves you remove the card from under the rubberband and give it back to the spectator. 
    The construction of this prop is quite ingenious, and has received fantastic feed back from everyone who has seen this. Easy to do, instant reset.
    Comes complete with instructional DVD and prop. 
    What people say about Outcased: 
    "Insanely visual, eye-poppingly magical, Peter Eggink has created a sensational ending for The Ambitious Card." 
    - David Regal 
    "I can't imagine a better way to end an Ambitious Card routine. It's damn near perfect." 
    - David Acer 
    "That's @@!!! **outrageous! Top stuff. Peter, put me down for all of them so nobody else can have one!!!" - Mark Parker 
    "Outcased both punished and delighted my tiny little monkey brain." 
    - Andrew Mayne
    Running Time Approximately 50min