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Pringles Go (Red to Green) by Taiwan Ben and Julio Montoro

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    • Brands Julio Montoro
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    An ORDINARY and POPULAR snack the whole world is familiar with - potato chips!

    PRINGLES GO is a visually stunning color change using a normal can of chips.

    Imagine taking a red can of chips and VISUALLY changing it to green!! Get two and perform transportation effects...

    A fantastic, natural piece of eye-candy that is hyper-visual and easy to perform. In the blink of an eye, two cans exchange their positions.
    • Easy to learn and perform
    • Super-fast color change
    • Quick reset
    • Self-contained gimmick
    What you get:
    • 1 instructional online tutorial card
    • 1 gimmick package (red or green option)
    ** Please note that red and green are sold separately.