Production Streamer Zebra (2.5m)

Tags: production, streamer, zebra, (2.5m), giugno, 2018

Production Streamer Zebra (2.5m)

  • €9.95


    • Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 15
    • Brands Varie
    • Codice Prodotto: MGMCF330
    • Punti Fedeltà: 1
    • Disponibilità: Disponibile - spedito in un giorno

    A beautiful streamer made of fine silk. This can be used in many ways, including effects in which two hankies appear to blend together and become one. This creates a wonderful transformation which never fails to surprise audiences.

    This particular streamer is 0.15 meters by 2.5 meters, and is decorated in "black and white" stripes or "red and white" stripes .