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RMS Ghost Pandent by Harry G

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    Effect 1:

    The Ghost Pendant is used to make a prediction. A playing card is selected from a deck of cards by a spectator (two ways in the instruction). The spectator thinks of the card and then breathes on the pendant. The pattern of the selected card mysteriously appears on the surface of the pendant!

    Effect 2 (Pendulum):

    A playing card is selected and put back to the deck by a spectator. Ask the spectator to slowly deal the cards one by one on the table. The magician holds the chain and keeps the pendant stop swinging over the cards. However, the pendant suddenly begins swinging when a card put down! Turn over this card and this is the selected one!

    Or another way to show the pendulum effect. Five cards are laid on the table face down, including a selected card of the spectator. Put the pendant over each card, it swings until over one card. The ghost thinks this one is the target card.

    Effect 3:

    A playing card is selected from a deck of cards by a spectator. Open the pendant, and a small paper inside that actually predicts the card. (This one has more prediction possiblities and is different from effect 1, details in instruction)

    - Easy but has a strong visual effect

    - Double faced patterns & opened pendant, more routines

    - Detailed instruction includes teaching several ways to force a card

    Note: The patterns in mirror may vary and will be sent in random.