Remote Control Fart Machine

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Remote Control Fart Machine

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    The latest exclusive design and production of "remote sound" has finally been born, it has 6 sound (fart, sex moan, telephone sound, grunts, spirit shook, screams). as long as the straight line is within 5 meters remote command Oh, this product will become the representative of the epoch-making turning point of the sound playing a trick toy products.

    While the Whoopee Cushion will forever be a classic fart gag, pranking has evolved for a more sophisticated crowd of jokers. Step up your fart joke repertoire with the Remote Control Fart Machine.

    With this gas-tastic little innovation, you control when to let loose the torrent of digital fartitude with a remote control. With this handy gag, you are no longer limited to a one-time payoff when your mark sits down. There are so many opportunities to use the Remote Control Fart Machine, the possibilities are endless.

    With the press of a button the room will erupt in laughter as your friend's cheeks get red. Simply hide the speaker behind her chair or under her desk and let the endless supply of laughs come roaring forth.