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The Lord of the Rings-Magnetic and Reflection PK Ring - 21 mm (blue gem)

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    The product is a classic accessory in the world of magic appreciated and used by many professionals and amateurs.
    You can make potentially hundreds of different effects with customizations and adaptations to their needs and manipulative skills.
    There are about selling some DVD tutorial also available of course in our own shop. We highlight in particular these DVD:




    In descriptive video only find some of the effects possible with this particular gimmick. We will send you the instructions about it in Italian of the following 3 effects chosen us from among the myriad of possible effects

    EFFECT 1: The magician shows a coin of 5 cents in one hand and a glass bottle empty and closed. In an instant, simply by hitting the glass with the money, it will pierce the finishing inside the bottle.

    EFFECT 2: This opens a classic box of matches with the drawer and inside you take a 1 Euro coin. It closes the box and leans over the currency. In a moment he will pierce the cover finishing inside the box.

    3 EFFECT: The magician shows a classic crown cap that has been folded and inserted into an empty bottle. Then he withdraws it out and keep it in the closed fist. Approaching this hand under the bottle and hits the bottom of the same. At the instant the cap will pierce the glass and reappear on the bottom of the bottle, but inside.

    I will wear more quickly and will never get out without!

    • Those described are just some of the effects possible with this unique accessory.

    I will wear more quickly and will never get out without!

    The measure refers to the inside diameter.