Troy Hooser - Total Destruction Set (1-3) - DVD

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Troy Hooser - Total Destruction Set (1-3) - DVD

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    It's rare for one of the elite underground magicians to surface after 14 years. Last year Troy Hooser published his first major book "Destroyers". His routines that were previously only available to a few top pros were now exposed for the entire magic community. The buzz was incredible, the routines are fantastic!

    Troy's magic is extremely visual, but his routines are so well thought out that they are very easy to learn and perform. His use of the flippercoin is legendary, his choreography will show you how to get way ahead of your audiences and cause their eyes to pop out in amazement. Each volume contains routines that are destined to become classics.

    Volume One
    3 Fly One 
    3 Fly Two 
    Coins to Glass 
    Guess Your Weight 
    Bottle Production 
    Throw Switch Sandwich 
    Pendulum Cut 
    Zombie Change

    Volume Two
    Touch of Brass 
    Color Changing Dec 
    Coins Across 
    Ultimate Illogical Cut 
    Double Decker Plus 
    Dexterous Ditch 
    Sponge Ball Bonus

    Volume Three
    Squeeze Away 
    3 Fly Simplified 
    Bogus Torn & Restored Card 
    Troy's Triumph 
    Coins Through Table 
    Troy This One 
    Cool as Ace 
    Garrett Cut