Bicycle Supreme Line - One way forcing deck - Red back (sealed KS)

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    • Brands U.S.P.C.C.
    • Product Code: DFCRT1398-KP
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    52 identical cards, all King of Spades. FACTORY CELLOPHANE WRAPPED

    This deck allows you many tricks and routines that will leave your audience astonished.

    Bicycle Supreme Line playing cards are now enriched with one way decks that are also supplied with 4 additional special cards (double back, double face with the same face, double face with different face, regular face blank back ).

    The brand new Bicycle Supreme Line are a dream come true for any magician or cardist!

    - Crushed stock.

    - Traditionally cut.

    - Like all Supreme Line without adhesive seal.

    - Iconic Rider back card case.

    - Air cushion Finish.

    - Printed by USPCC.

    - Very affordable!

    • The value of the cards in the deck is printed in small on the bottom short side of the tuck .

    • The cards are poker size.

    • No instructions supplied.

    • The deck can be used to force a card.