La categoria "Mentalismo" del nostro negozio di giochi di prestigio è la scelta perfetta per coloro che vogliono imparare a eseguire trucchi di mentalismo. Esplora la mente umana con la nostra categoria di mentalismo: scopri trucchi, tecniche e accessori per creare spettacoli di prestigio che mettono alla prova la tua abilità di lettura del pensiero. Trova tutto ciò che ti serve per diventare un grande mentalista nel nostro negozio di giochi di prestigio.

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Key Prediction 2.0 by IARVEL MAGIC and Kaifu Wong


Astonish your audience with the power of the Key Prediction 2.0 - an ingenious prop that allows you to seemingly read minds and predict any two-digit number a spectator chooses, before they even think..



Openers contains over 40 opening effects from some of magic's best names and should not be missed. Foreword by Gary Jones.In this book you will find some of the very best magicians in the world sharin..

Cubeify by Paul Fowler and Kev G


"I love a surprise reveal, and I also love totally out of the box thinking. This is both of those elements, on steroids!" - MARC SPELMANN 'X' "Fantastic routine, amazing reveals, builds progressively..

Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee


One of the favorite plots in magic is matching effect. You may be familiar with the classic ESP cards matching routine, that's deceptively simple, yet packs a powerful punch. For the past seven years,..

Jumbo Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee

Disponibile il 30 maggio

Released at the 2024 Blackpool Magic Convention, "Mind Entanglement" was extremely well received. There were also many requests for a larger version for parlor or stage, prompting the creation and rel..

IARVEL REMOTE by Iarvel Magic and Bluether Magic


BASIC EFFECT:Struggling to control your IARVEL WATCH without raising eyebrows? Worried phone manipulation might expose your secrets? The IARVEL REMOTE is here to save the day! This discreet, intuitive..

Tony Miller

The EDC Wallet by Patrick Redford and Tony Miller


RFA Productions & Patrick Redford presents The EDC Wallet The ultimate card to wallet and peek wallet combo. Tony Miller, Patrick Redford and RFA productions have teamed up to bring you one of the..

Alan Wong

Hands Off! by Steve Cook and Alan Wong


Hands-Off! is simply that: a totally hands-off, Bank-Night effect! Based on my best-selling effect, Volition, which is marketed by Alakazam Magic. This new version is a great close-up/ parlor opener b..

The Con by Steve Cook


From Dead Rebel Magic comes a reimagining of the legendary effect The Gamble by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic. Using Old West era style props and now featuring a stunning presentation box, new larger le..

Asynaja by Fraser Parker


This is Fraser's solution to the 3 cards match up routine made famous by Chan Canasta. It allows you to perform this impossible feat of coincidence without relying on chance or the type of boldness th..

Luca Volpe

The Lucky Stone (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


The Lucky Stone by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong: A Memorable Twist on a ClassicThe Lucky Stone offers a fresh take on a classic effect, allowing you to craft a story that your audience will remember long..

Tricolour by Simon Lipkin and the 1914


Simon Lipkin, star of Derren Brown's Unbelievable, has concocted a diabolically sneak set of gimmicks that allow you to achieve jaw dropping colour prediction effects using no expensive and no sleight..

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