Scopri le ultime novità nel mondo della magia nel nostro negozio di giochi di prestigio. Ogni settimana pubblichiamo nuovi prodotti per offrirti le ultime tendenze nel settore. Trova qui tutti i nuovi giochi, trucchi, mazzi di carte ed accessori per sorprendere il pubblico con le tue performance di magia.

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Sitta Foulard doppio cambio colore


Vengono mostrati un foulard verde ed uno blu annodati tra loro. Passandoci una mano sopra si trasformano, magicamente, in foulard di colore rosso e giallo!• Pura seta al 100%.• È un prodotto originale..

Martin Braessas

Sand Deck by Martin Braessas


From The mind of Martin Braessas comes Sand Deck. You will be able to produce a whole deck of cards from a single card!If you are looking for your perfect virtual opener this is it! Once you produce t..

Collectable Playing Cards

Mazzo di carte Bicycle Harry Houdini Playing Cards...

Disponibile il 30 maggio

Introducing the Bicycle Harry Houdini Playing Cards by Collectible Playing Cards.This deck is a must-have for both magic enthusiasts and playing card collectors. Printed by USPCC on classic stock trad..

The Approach by Jamie D. Grant


Ever wanted to make money (or make more money) performing magic? Discover the secrets to becoming a working magician with The Approach by Jamie D. Grant. The Approach has long been recommended as one..

Bond Lee

Inflamed by Bond Lee


Inflamed is an electronic ashtray, the perfect device to ignite your magic. You can display an innocence ashtray, then magician place a piece of paper in the ashtray, paper will ignite spontaneously a..

Key Prediction 2.0 by IARVEL MAGIC and Kaifu Wong


Astonish your audience with the power of the Key Prediction 2.0 - an ingenious prop that allows you to seemingly read minds and predict any two-digit number a spectator chooses, before they even think..

Chazpro Magic & Collectibles

Magnetic Card - Bicycle Cards (2 Per Package) Doub...


The Magnetic Card can be used for a variety of card and coin effects. A double thick card that looks like a single card when handled properly, even up close. It contains a very thin and powerful magne..

JL Magic

JL Premium Linking Rings (11 cm)


Linking Ring 11 cm - 4 pcs set! It's a special pack of rings that you can connect together. These rings are strong and can be used for magic tricks, shows, or just for fun. Each ring is 4.33 inches wi..

Mazzo di carte Yin Yang Chao Playing Cards


The 2nd deck in this project is our Yin Yang edition which takes on a gold and black theme. The cards fronts are colored, and the card back is black printed with the CHAO pattern as well as a centered..


Love Transfer by N2G and WZ


Effect:First, the spectators' calls stop at any time during the magic card picking and signs the selected cards to ensure they are not stolen and no second identical card! Then the spectator puts away..


WOW 3.0 Business Card Version Limited Edition (JAP...


If you put a blank business card in the case and cast a spell on it. In the next moment, the face of the card gradually and clearly transforms into a magician's business card. The visual appearance is..

Art of Play

Mazzo di carte Calder Playing Cards by Art of Play


Pulled from the work of Alexander Calder - A tribute to one of the most influential artists of the twentieth centuryOne of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, Alexander Calder (1898..

Visualizza 1 a 12 di 1011 (85 pagine )