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Bazar De Magia

Deluxe Milk Glass by Bazar De Magia


The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the paper cone showing it is empty and dry... the milk is gone! • Bazar De Magia quality. • This new model has more capacity, better design and works perfectly!..

Di Fatta

Liquid from Newspaper


The magician pours a full glass of liquid between the pages of a newspaper, but when it is opened, not only the pages are dry, but the liquid has completely disappeared! The paper shows two-sided, and most amazing, upside down. As a final surprise, the liquid will reappear once again, in the newspap..

Ed Meredith

Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Boo...


A great book PACKED with bits and one-liners for performers. All bits and lines are categorized by effect. Some of the categories include: liquids, cards, ropes, money, kids, dinners, mental, openers, etc. plus much, much more! VERY limited quantities AND a fantastic price!..

Uday's Magic World

Sands of Sahara by Uday


EFFECT: A transparent plastic bowl is filled with milk or some opaque liquid. Magician pours different colored sand into the bowl. He then invites the audience to call out any color. Reaching into the bowl the magician takes out the colored sand called for. He pours the dry sand onto an empty plate ..

Magic Circle Lectures by David Penn and Craig Pett...

World Magic Shop

Magic Circle Lectures by David Penn and Craig Pett...



David Penn and Craig Petty were both invited to lecture at the famous Magic Circle in London. In David Penn's lecture you will gain real world insight into performing close up magic in banquet situations. Learn amazing effects such as producing a glass of water from a spectator's jacket, spoon bend..

The Essel Magic

Magic Tea Pot (Economy) by Mr. Magic


Using only one teapot, fill five empty glasses with different colors of liquid. To your and your spectator's surprise, when you open the lid, you find the teapot to have different colored silks inside...

Airborne Close Up by G Sparks

G Sparks Magic

Airborne Close Up by G Sparks



"Double Whammy Influence, Two Tricks with one Great prop." Airborne Gum Numb, "The Dentist gives you a Drink he calls, Gum Numb." And the Cup is Floating in Mid-Air while the Liquid is Pouring. Absorbo, "Have you seen the new, Absorbo Napkin." Let me show you how Absorbent they are, filling the na..

G Sparks Magic

Airborne Free Fall by G Sparks


"Sparks Greatest Airborne is the life of the party at the best price ever. " YOU NEVER GO DOWN TO THE GLASS WITH G SPARKS AIRBORNES. Enjoy The Magic by G Sparks The 10 oz fun party glass is what makes this Airborne such a great buy. Plus Spark's original gravity fed hook-up. Use the liquid an..

G Sparks Magic

Airborne Rocks by G Sparks


"Want to change your airborne look or just have a back-up glass?" YOU NEVER GO DOWN TO THE GLASS WITH G SPARKS AIRBORNES. Enjoy the Magic by G SPARKS This 10oz on the rocks plastic glass is ready to perform any airborne routine or be a back-up glass for a different show. The perfect companion..

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Airborne Set Universal (Two in One) by Bazar de Ma...


One of the greatest magic effects, ever. This glass floats in the air while liquid is being poured in it! All audiences are absolutely amazed! The set you receive allows you to perform the effect with different kinds of bottles or with a can of soda. Yes, you receive two different gimmicks: one for ..

Amazo magic

Appearing Aquarium by Amazo Magic


Audiences love surprise productions - here's one you can do! The magician displays, in his hand, a transparent box containing six colored silks - he is able to show it in all directions, even surrounded. One at a time, he removes the silks and, magically, the box has turned into an aquarium filled w..

Aqua Change Vase (Aluminum) by Mr. Magic

Uday's Magic World

Aqua Change Vase (Aluminum) by Mr. Magic



An empty vase and a cylinder are clearly shown. Water or some liquid is visibly poured into the vase and covered with the cylinder and a magic spell is applied on the vase. The cylinder is then removed and the contents of the vase are thrown out at the audience. The audience expects to be drenc..

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