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JL Magic

JL Premium Linking Rings (11 cm)


Linking Ring 11 cm - 4 pcs set! It's a special pack of rings that you can connect together. These rings are strong and can be used for magic tricks, shows, or just for fun. Each ring is 4.33 inches wi..

Murphy's Magic



If there was ever an effect in magic that appeals to ALL audiences, it has to be the Professor's Nightmare. The Professor's Nightmare has everything! It can be performed as a sophisticated piece of ma..

WGM RING ON ROPE SET (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...


The ring on rope is a classic of magic! MMS is proud to present; The World's Greatest Magic's RING ON ROPE set! There is good reason why this effect has stood the test of time. First, it's versatile..

Adrián Carratala's Ring to Shoelace


Adrián Carratalá has jealously guarded the secret with which he managed to fool Penn & Teller. Now you too can amaze your audience with this miracle! Effect: A borrowed ring disappears under a han..



WGM Professional Rope Routines features some of magic's greatest rope magic performed by seasoned professionals. Rope magic has always been a favorite of performers and audiences alike mostly due to t..

Corda Indiana Gialla - Plus - Stiff Rope

Di Fatta

Corda Indiana Gialla - Plus - Stiff Rope



Una corda morbidissima dopo un attimo di concentrazione diventerà rigida come un bastone... ma al vostro comando, magicamente si affloscerà e tornerà ad essere morbidissima. Scioccate il vostro pub..


Grandma's Miracle by TCC & Chen Yang


Grandmother's Necklace is a classic magic trick that has fascinated audiences for over 400 years, dating back to the Middle Ages.The magician presents two ropes and three beads, inviting the audience ..

Di Fatta

Corda Incantata - Rope to Silk


Una morbida corda rimane in verticale al comando del prestigiatore. Ad un altro comando la corda si affloscia ritornando morbida come prima. Il gioco viene ripetuto tra le risate del pubblico e non fi..

Ring to Sholeace by Adrian Carratala


Per anni Adrián Carratalá ha custodito gelosamente il segreto con cui è riuscito a ingannare Penn & Teller. Ora anche voi potete stupire il pubblico con questo miracolo.Effetto: un anello preso in..

Vortex Magic

Knot Unexpected by Jim Steinmeyer & Vortex Mag...


Vortex Magic presents KNOT UNEXPECTED by Jim SteinmeyerJim Steinmeyer is considered one of the most creative thinkers in magic, and Knot Unexpected shows why this is. After Doug Henning's performance ..

Richard Sanders

Fiber Optics Extended (Online Instructions) by Ric...


Un formidabile  prodotto sulla magia con le corde!   Richard Sanders vi insegnerà 32 sorprendenti movimenti con le corde che stupiranno letteralmente il vostro pubblico!   N..

Alan Wong

Wordless Cords by Alan Wong


The story of our eternity is told using five different colored cords and a small bag.As each cord is shown, and its color explained, a knot is removed from each cord and dropped into the bag. Finally,..

Visualizza 1 a 12 di 143 (12 pagine )