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Cubomagia by Hyde


“Cubomagia” è il primo dvd in Italia a trattare effetti di magia con il cubo di Rubik. Effetti inediti, originali e perfetti per stupire ogni tipo di spettatore.Tutti gli effetti contenuti sono stati ideati e realizzati da Hyde, uno dei maggiori esponenti italiani nell’ambito della magia con il cubo..

RSVP - Russ Stevens

The Timeless Project (DVD and Gimmicks) by Russ St...


Welcome to The Timeless Project featuring five amazing routines utilizing the hidden secrets of the RSVP deck of cards of the same name. Join your hosts Gary Jones and Russ Stevens as they show you five brand new routines that are unique to this very special deck of cards. All are easy to do and pac..

Ed Meredith

Tricks for Travelling Tricksters by Ken de Courcy ...


Le magie migiori al mondo sono quelle semplici e dirette. Questo è esattamente quello che troverete in questo libro. Non c'è nessun movimento complicato da imparare, solo magie dirette dal grande impatto! Quantità molto limitate..

Niels Duinker

Learn To Juggle by Niels Duinker - DVD


(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) Gravity doesn't stand a chance, with Niels Duinker in the room! Audiences around the world - from Europe to Asia; from Las Vegas to Dubai - have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker live! Now you can view this internationally ..

At The Table Live Lecture João Miranda - DVD

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

At The Table Live Lecture João Miranda - DVD



(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) A professional magician, creator and lecturer, João Miranda is best known for his creations in magic, two bestselling books, and the founder of the Oporto Magic School. With more than 20 inventions, like the Vision Box and Lynx Smoke Watch, his..

Ed Meredith

Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar by Eddie Jose...


"Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar", di Eddie Joseph è pieno di piccoli dettagli che puoi aggiungere a qualsiasi performance. Prodotto a quantità limitata...

Ed Meredith

Deceiver's Discourse by Ken de Courcy - Libro


This book contains some fantastic magic from one of Magic's most prolific authors. Having written many books as well as articles in just about every magic publication, Ken de Courcy's work is a must have. This book is packed with great stage and stand-up material. Some of the effects included in thi..

Fernando Keops (Cheating at Cards, Gambling, Pure ...

L&L Publishing

Fernando Keops (Cheating at Cards, Gambling, Pure ...



CHEATING AT CARDS There have been video productions in the past where a sleight of hand performer has demonstrated the arcane skills of the card cheat. However, for the first time, one of the finest sleight of hand artists in the world not only demonstrates his consummate skill but explains-in minut..

Ed Meredith

Fingertip Fantasies (Limited/Out of Print) by Bob ...


MONETE! Bob Ostin è tanto bravo con i trucchi con le monete quanto a crearne di nuovi. Tutti gli effetti in questo libro sono considerati degli effetti da poter utilizzare nella vita di tutti i giorni. Nessun c'è trucco da quattro soldi qui - solo effetti veramente magici. Quantità limitate..

Alakazam UK

He's Not Here (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jamie Daws and...


He's Not Here is the third installment in the Jamie Daws Dark Series. While a haunting story is told, your spectator is drawn to an image of a man in an old photograph. As the story unfolds, the full dark legacy of the tall man is revealed. The man appeared to many, and his appearance was always fol..

Ed Meredith

Magic Balloons by Ken de Courcy - Libro


This is NOT a book filled with balloon animals, etc. This IS a book filled with magic using balloons. VERY creative routines within the pages of this book...

Jaehoon Lim

NAVY Effects Vol. 1 by Jaehoon Lim - DVD


(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) Finally, Jaehoon Lim was discharged from Korea's Navy! While beginning in the Navy, Jaehoon devoted himself to the study of card color changes. Over the past two years, he has developed amazing and practical color changes. Jaehoon is now read..

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