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Rope to Silk - Yellow Rope


You display a piece of red rope which you try to hypnotise by making it stand on end. After several attempts you are successful, your audience now thinks the effect is over, but you then proceed to change the rope into a large silk handkerchief...

Di Fatta

Super Gimmick


The magician shows both his hands empty. He takes a silk from his pocket and introduces it inside the left fist. With the help of a pen he pushes all the silks in the fist and when he opens his hand the silk is gone. Excellent to use in stages or for close up magic. • You can make disappear silks ..

The Essel Magic

Bag to 'The End' Silk by Mr. Magic


Mr. Magic Bag to 'The End' Silk is great for a kids' show finale. The magician shows 4 different, brightly-colored silk hankies (black, white, red, and yellow) to the audience. He takes out a blue bag and places them inside. The bag is held in front of the magician's chest. The magician then gives ..

JL Magic

Original Auto Silk to Rose by JL Magic


Do you want to charm and amaze your audience? Then Silk to Rose is what you've been waiting for. Very elegant magic using a silk and a rose - nothing more romantic than this! A magician shows the audience that he has one 45cm silk in one hand and, in the other, a stem having no flower. The magici..

Magic By Gosh

$100 bill Silk 36 inch by Magic by Gosh


(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) High quality 100% silk with a graphic of the US $100 Dollar Bill...


Acrobatic Silks by Uday


Display a wooden rod with three silks (eg. 2 Red and 1 Yellow) hanging down. The yellow silk is at one end. You tell the audience that the yellow silk is acrobatic, it can jump from one place to the other, in which you demonstrate. Pass the rod behind your back and now the yellow has jumped to the o..


Amazing Handkerchief


The magician wears a tie ,suddenly the tie turns into a handkerchief from which 3 small  coins come out one by one ! He places the third coin into the handkerchief.Several seconds later,the coin vanishes!Then  he uses his magic power and the coin appears !Amazing! He places the coin ..


Apple Jacked by Scott Alexander


Gene Elmo's now classic Silk in Apple has been done by many people without giving proper credit to the creator. Scott has secured special permission from Marty Hahne, who is the curator of all the Elmo material, and has put together his own take on Gene's seminal work. The routine strays from the tr..


Astro Sphere Mini


A silver ball is covered with a transparent cloth. Magically it starts lo levitate. Then it misteriously moves around, behind and even in front of the cloth held by the magician. The audience always loves this beautiful stage effect... and this version is even more incredible as the ball foats no..


Auto Silk Changer - Plastics


Used by the Pro's in Japan to Ex-Change one silk for another silk. Compact Hand Held Unit does all the work! Uniquely developed the Silk Changer to be Automatic! It's slick as can be. As you remove the opposite color silk the other silk is pulled into the Auto Silk Changer! Perform Beautiful Color ..


Baffling Bag


The Magician displays an ordinary white bag to the audience, The bag is turned inside out revealing the inside (now the outside) is green in color. He put a yellow silk to the green bag. The bag is once again turned inside out revealing a yellow bag. This is repeated revealing a red bag,..

The Essel Magic

Card Impression Hanky 56 cm x 56 cm by Mr. Magic


A beautiful blue and white hanky with a card printed on a corner. This hanky is to be used for an effect in which your spectator's selected card has been predicted beforehand on the hanky...

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