Great Illusions

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The Essel Magic

Dove Through Glass (Stage) (2 part trick) by Premi...


This dramatic effect using a real dove is always a crowd pleaser. A spectator from your audience examines a wooden frame with a sheet of solid glass. Next, you introduce your dove. The dove is placed on one side of the frame and penetrates the SOLID GLASS right before their eyes!!! This effect doesn..


Cardiographic Stage Electronic by Martin Lewis &am...


Cardiographic is a stage effect used by JOHNNY THOMPSON, DAVID COPPERFIELD, WHIT HAYDN, MICHAEL WEBER and professional magicians worldwide.  This is Martin Lewis's classic effect in which a card rises from a drawing and is then handed out as a souvenir.  Now comes Cardiographic Stage Ele..

Tora Magic

Amazing Cages from Frame by Tora Magic - original ...


The magician shows an empty plastic frame to the audience. And then he produces two dove cages from it!  This item includes the plastic frame and 2 dove cages. The dove cages are wooden cube and their size is 20.6 x 20.6 x 20 cm...

Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic - original ...

Tora Magic

Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic - original ...



This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as a shocking moment in your show. The telescoping prop begins a little larger than a foot in length, and telescopes to a huge, full-size pool cue. The ideal use for this prop would be as a final production ..

Tora Magic

Appearing Dice from Empty Bag by Tora Magic


This huge production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and immediately produce three colorful big dices from it. Show the paper bag empty and produce three more colorful dices...filling your performance table! The Tora Magic Company has designed the dice to b..

Tora Magic

Appearing Everything from Box by Tora Magic - orig...


This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty Box to the audience... and produce everything you like from it, like a duck, a small pet, sponge items and ... This brilliant hand craft is beautiful and easy to produce.  Dimensions of box: 36 x 21 x 21 cm..


Arm Apart


The magician places his arm inside a box and inserts two solid blades in its middle. By doing this, the arm is cut in two pieces and the box is opened to show this impossible illusion! Once the box is closed again and the blades removed, the arm is obviously unhurt. • Improved with a NEW CLEVER SEC..


Backstage - With the Elephant Vanish


The classic Backstage effect in a new version, where, instead of cards, the magician makes an elephant vanish! Spectators originally believe they have discovered the secret, but they are fooled at the end! Elegant and great stage magic. • A classic effect, totally automatic. • It can be completely ..

Tora Magic

Book to CD Player by Tora Magic - original item


At first the magician has only a book in this hands... He shows its dimensions, and then he opens the book and turns through the pages and shows audience. So the spectators may see that it is a normal book. He then draws a CD player on a page in the book and then places the book on the table, then m..

Tora Magic

Cages and Dice from Paper Bag by Tora Magic


This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and immediately produce three big dove cages from it. Show the paper bag empty and then produce three big dices.  These brilliant big dices and cages, filling your performance table!  The dices and..

Tony Karpinski

Card Star by Tony Karpinski


Looking for a powerful and dramatic way to reveal your spectator's cards? The Card Star allows for a flashy appearance of five selected cards at each point of the decorative star. The unit is made of solid mahogany with a strip of inlay running on each leg of the star. The appearance of the cards is..


Chinese coins a go go


The magician shows his audience a Chinese coin and throws it into the air. When shooting in hand, with a magical gesture makes it appear twice. After laying coins on an elegant frame decorated, the magician takes another currency, also launched in the air, but this time it does appear threesome with..

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