Boxes and Cages

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The Essel Magic

Mini Triangular Box by Mr. Magic


Show a triangular, three-fold box to be completely empty. Next, from the empty box, magically produce silks, flowers, paper, etc. Fold the box flat to show that nothing is inside. At any time, you can fold it back into the triangle shape and begin making productions once again...

Premium Magic

Double Locked Mystery Box by Premium Magic


The Magician borrows a ring, coin, or a $100.00 bill (bank note) from someone in the audience. He then asks a volunteer to sign the item with a pen to verify at a later time. The magician then takes the ring (coin, bank note, etc.) and vanishes it right in from of the audience! He/she then picks up ..

Fantasma Toys

Rubik's Cube Amazing Magic Set (With 50 Tricks) by...


Rubik's magic is the hot new trend right now! From instant solves to mind-reading, our sets and individual tricks will keep them baffled using the best-selling 3-D puzzle of all-time! Since the Rubik's Cube is an item commonly found in many homes, no one suspects it as a magical prop! Here's what yo..

Steve Spangler Science

Bicycle box 12 decks (empty)


Bicycle Box 12 decks (empty)..

Katto Koga

Wonder Block 2.0 (New Method) by King of Magic


The international big hit, Wonder Block, has come back with a revolutionary change. The Box with Japanese Ancestral Wisdom enables you to perform an Impossible Penetration! Guess how many people can open this amazing box? You will see how difficult it is to figure out the answer if you try with yo..

Shadow Box by Jesse Feinberg & The Magic Estat...


Shadow Box by Jesse Feinberg & The Magic Estat...



A SIGNED PLAYING CARD VISUALLY APPEARS INSIDE A CARD BOX FILLED ONLY WITH LIGHT! In the beginning there was darkness, and from that darkness we found light, and from this light came everything! This is Shadow Box, a close up illusion from Jesse Feinberg! No gimmicks! Completely impromptu! U..

Vanishing Inc.

AmazeBox Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) ...


"This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can't wait to try new magic with AmazeBox!" - Justin Flom "This is one of the most exciting new tools I have seen. It not only is super cool and clever, it's extremely versatile and completely practical. This is someth..

Vanishing Inc.

AmazeBox Kraft (Gimmick and Online Instructions) b...


Vanishing Inc. and theory11 are proud to present their first collaboration - The AmazeBox Kraft by Mark Shortland. The AmazeBox and AmazeBox Black remain Vanishing Inc.'s bestseller of ALL TIME. Now this critically-praised, best-selling trick just got three notches BETTER. The AmazeBox was already r..


Bangle Tangle


The magician shows all sides of a front open box. The box has two holes on two side walls of the box and a big hole on top. The interior of the box is seen to be empty. Now he introduces a bangle and places it inside the box on the floor. He closes the front opening of the box with a sliding cover. ..


BASH! by Xeon Steel


From the mind of Xeon Steel, comes "BASH". Inspired by Xeon's own previous effect, "FIVE", Xeon brings you a fast, super visual box change like no other and will leave your audience confused! Perform it anytime, anywhere. Start with your own ambitious card routine and end it with a box change your a..


Billet Forcing Box


This ingenious box is ideal to force small paper slips (with on them for example a number, a word, or color to be forced). You can also force some small objects like little beads, poker chips, and more.   The box will allow you many different uses. In the instructions some basic ideas are given..

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Black Fox Spring Animal by Magic Masters


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...Perry Maynard and the LAS VEGAS MAGIC COMPANY bring back, by popular demand, the ORIGINAL MAGIC MASTERS SPRING ANIMALS.These adorable life-like "critters" are designed and hand crafted exclusively by the Las Vegas Magic Company. Each one is just a bit different and has its o..

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