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Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: DFCRT021-OUT
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Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards

Modern design coupled with Premium Finish, best option for fanning and Cardistry.
Cardistry is one series of the most outstanding playing cards in Bocopo Playing Cards Company. Cardistry Fanning playing cards Just as its name implies this decks is also a functional playing cards it can be used to intensify the hand tricks specially the fanning.
The design is simple but covers deep implication. There is a special six pointed star that comprised of lines on the back of the each deck. Every star is compose of these different colors that can add Strong visuals when you do the fanning.
Your shows or practice will appear stunning and have more impact than with a regular deck of cards. Powerful in its simplicity and unparalleled in its design, every Cardistry Fanning playing card stands for an essential key to unlock the higher cardistry level.
Bicycle stock in conjunction with fantastic AIR-Cushion Finish makes this deck every detail exudes perfection. The playing card boxes were sealed with USPC Stamp which is also numbered.
- Custom design for Fanning and Cardistry.
- Unique geometric and bracing color tuck case design.
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.
- Limited only 5000 decks no re-print.
- Created by Magic Square.
• The cards are poker size.

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