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Esther Star Classic Edition Playing Cards

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    "Esther Star Playing Cards is not only a milestone in our creation, but also represents every person who loves hie or her life. For them, this is a beautiful symbol and imprint. The stars are restrained and subtle, which walk among the clouds, reminding us with shimmering shimmer the meaning of life by welcoming every day seriously.

    The box's hexagonal opening is like the starlight, which is bright and tidy, neither dazzling nor bleak.

    The overall green design is more visually comfortable, and green also symbolizes new life and hope, just like every unknown planet. Maybe on every planet there will exist vitality and expectations, and this card is also a new life and ideas in the cardistry design.

    While continuing the gorgeous appearance of the series, it seems that the Esther Star Playing Cards have been added the soul with an inherent introverted quality, constantly telling you the secrets of the deep space.

    The phrase “STAR OF HOPE” on the JOKER card answers the question why this deck of cards is called Esther, just like the Persian queen Esther in the Bible was called the “Star of Hope”. It will also bring new inspiration and hope to the cardistry, designers and collectors.

    The Luxury edition card box is made of German Kurz gold foil paper, which is 9 times the price of standard one! Each card box is hand-made, and it also takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete one with proficiency, which is full of devout craftsmanship.

    The Playing Cards itself is printed on the Finest quality card stock the United States Playing Card Company has to offer. The legendary Air Cushion Finish is also added to provide the smoothest experience of spreads, fans, and shuffles. United States Playing Cards Company has over 150 years experience in printing playing cards! Trusted since 1885.

    The Playing cards and the Deluxe Cases are printed in USA. They will be assembled in Bocopo Warehouse in Shanghai, China."

    • The cards are poker size.
    • Edition limited to 2500 Decks.
    • The set includes two decks: the Classic Edition and the Luxury Edition.