Flash by Chris Webb - original item

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Flash by Chris Webb - original item

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    Flash is a visual bill change. It’s 100% self-contained and easy to do.
    Show a blank piece of paper and, in a flash, it changes into real money, a lottery ticket or anything else you want to make your gimmick turn into!
    Once your gimmick is set-up, you are good to go. Flash is extremely simple and effective. You receive a gimmick which is made from a lottery ticket. This shows you what the gimmick will look like when you have made your own. Not only that, you can use the gimmick supplied, if you wish; it will turn a blank piece of paper into a lottery ticket.
    On the accompanying DVD Chris Webb shares the details of how to make your gimmick. The DVD also includes a method where you can hand everything out to a spectator for examination at the end of your routine
    Flash is really easy to perform, very visual and fun to use.
    You get an in-depth, step by step DVD which shows you how to perform, and make up, the gimmick in whatever version you want.
    No sleight of hand needed.