Genii Magazine September 2020 - Book

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Genii Magazine September 2020 - Book

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    VOLUME 83
    NUMBER 9
    September 2020


    Kozak: Based on a True Story by Steve Spill
    Tattoos of a Sacred Journey by Paul Kozak


    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    In Memoriam:
    • Ger Copper by Niels Duinker
    • John Mendoza by Chris Korn
    The Eye by Chloe Olewitz
    Exhumations Facial Recognition by Jon Racherbaumer
    Classic Correspondence Harry Marvello to Bayard Grimshaw by Mike Caveney
    Stage as Studio Feeling Burnt Out? This Can Help by Krystyn Lambert
    Positive Magic for Kids The Coloring Book by Richard Wiseman and David Kaye
    Happiness is the Road The Space by Hannibal
    Dealing With It Bounce by John Bannon
    Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
    • Zoomatic II by Stephen Hobbs
    • Bertini Slap Switch by Giacomo Bertini
    • Holey Caddiddlehopper by Lee Petrucci
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    Knights at The Magic Castle by Libby Ward


    Books Reviewed by Tom Frame
    • Confessions of a Magic Fan by Jeremiah Zuo
    • Turnantula by Bob Farmer
    • Dirty Workby Ryan Matney
    Tricks Reviewed by David Regal
    • "Bolted" by Jared Manley
    • "Crazy Cash" by Dan Harlan
    • "Unmarked Miracle" by R. Paul Wilson
    • "New Super Latex Cola Bottle" by George Iglesias
    • "Ultimate Deck Holder" by Eran Blizovsky
    • "Capitulating Queens" by James Swain
    • "Definitely Marked" by Brent Braun
    • "Stretching Queen" by Peter Kane (+ Racherbaumer, Castillion, Johnson)
    • "CHACE" by Vinny Sagoo
    Videos Reviewed by Bill Wells
    • Dani's Collection of Weapons by Dani DaOrtiz
    • The Black Arts Project by Will Tsai
    • Three Card Monte by Henry Evans
    • Juan Luis Rubiales Live Act by Juan Luis Rubiales
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