Growing Under Glass by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD

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Growing Under Glass by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD

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    Performed by Aldo Colombini. It's a sort of Cups and Balls routine, yet it is done with only one cup which is actually a glass. It's a Two In The Hand And One In The Pocket routine, using the glass instead of the hand.

    The glass has a paper cover yet things happen without cover and under cover. It is one of those brilliantly unusual effects that you will use most of the time. A glass covered with a piece of paper and three sponge balls are shown. One after the other the balls disappear and reappear under the glass. If you like, one appears BETWEEN the glass and the cover. Two balls are placed under the glass and one in the pocket. Yet, the three balls are back together under the glass. This is repeated a second time. Finally, two big loads are produced (big balls or fruits or vegetables, for example a lemon and a potato) appear one after the other, under the glass.

    Everything can be examined. It uses regular props. With additional ideas and suggestions.