Heart Strings by Peter Samelson

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Heart Strings by Peter Samelson

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    "I'm really humbled and excited about being able to offer Peter Samelson's Heartstrings routine in a Pro Pack! I've watched Peter perform this at least a dozen times, in studio and in front of live audiences and it always moves me - and I can't tell you the last time a magic routine has EVER done that. And now we have put together the whole thing in one of the most elaborate instructional pro packs I have ever produced."
    - Bill Abbott

    Peter Samelson is not a new name to the magic community. From his role as producer at NYC's Monday Night Magic - New York's longest running magic show, to his endearing and dramatic presentations featured on numerous TV programs - not the least of which is his beautiful presentation of A Snowstorm in China.

    Those fortunate enough to witness a live performance of Peter's Gypsy Thread routine, entitled Heartstrings, know the magical and emotional effect it has on audiences. It has the unique qualities of playing well in close-up and on the largest of stages. All with a piece of thread and a script that took Peter over seven years to perfect.

    In Peter's release of Heartstrings we have put together the most exhaustive work on Gypsy Thread from a single performer ever committed to video instruction.

    Here is what is included in the Heartstrings Pro Pack:

    Intensive Instructional DVD with:

    • Studio and Live Stage Performances
    • Origins & Influences
    • Method Overview
    • Various Thread Types Analyzed
    • Pre-Show Set-Up and Preparation
    • Wardrobe Considerations
    • Lighting Considerations
    • Music Considerations
    • Full Routine Walk-Through
    • A Conversation with Bill Abbott & Peter Samelson.

    In Addition:

    • A beautiful royalty-free music theme written and performed on the piano by composer Scott Turk specifically for the Heartstrings routine - as used by Peter over the past couple decades. Included as an mp3 file easily accessed on any Mac/PC.
    • Printed Script written by Peter Samelson
    • Further reading & study recommendations