Madison Hellions Playing Cards

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    "In the beginning ... When Blaine produced his Gatorbacks, he inspired an idea in me that would become something more powerful than I ever imagined ... The Madison Hellions.
    Charm is deceit. I think art reaches its most beautiful state when it has nothing to hide, and I have always applied this idea through simple and minimal projects.
    But there was something in me that could only find a way out through something intricate and with incredible details.
    Good intentions. I explained to Oban Jones the idea and with his help, the Hellions were born.
    I put my heart, soul and art in everything I do and I'm proud that this can be seen in this deck.
    These, for me, are far more than playing cards. I'm Daniel Madison, and these are the Madison Hellions! "
    • Ellusionist Quality.
    • Cards are in poker format.