Master Card Technique - Volume 2 (World's Greatest Magic)  - DVD

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Master Card Technique - Volume 2 (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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    World's Greatest Magic - Master Card Technique - Volume 2 (duration 56 minutes).

    In a letter of 1872, Johann Hofzinser wrote: "The effects with playing cards are the poetry of magic" and for decades many magicians have shown the many wonders that you can do with a simple deck of playing cards. There is, perhaps, no other tool available to the wizarding so used.

    Needless to say, the proper technique is the basis for a solid and misleading work with the cards and in this milestone of 3 DVD, experts Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller show the most important concepts for the cartomagia explaining them in detail. Great close-up shots, and over his shoulder from under a glass table, make this series one of the most comprehensive reference guides for card magic ever created in video. This is your opportunity to learn (or re-learn) these concepts, techniques and moves in the right way.

    The strike bottom
    The bottom stud
    The push-out bottom
    The sharps & flats bottom
    The one hand bottom

    THE SHUFFLE overhand
    The injog shuffle
    The top card control
    The bottom card control
    The top stock control
    The bavarian shuffle
    The Charlier Shuffle
    The milk shuffle
    The Hindu Shuffle

    CARD SWITCHES (hand muckings)
    Variations one thru six

    Variations one thru six steals & other controls
    The clip steal
    The one card control
    The two control card
    The three control card
    Rear palm side steal
    The Erdnase shift
    The palm Endifeld
    Direct insertion steal

    CARD peeks
    Variations one thru five