Mugshot by Kevin Schaller - DVD

Mugshot by Kevin Schaller - DVD

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    Mugshot offers six practical and commercial effects that were designed to be performed on the street or at a serious magic gig.
    All Illusions are achieved without magnets, threads or complicated arts and crafts.

    Easy to do - Easy to succeed.

    DVD Contents:



    • Singularity - Visual change of a playing card, clipped to your baseball cap. Impossible and unique souvenir.
    • Sham - Change any liquid inside of a cup. Change lemonade into a real lemon, water into ice or coffee into coffee powder.
    • Firearm - Turn any baseball cap into an utility prop without causing any harm to it. Make cards shoot out of the cap or change cleanly.
    • Mask of Sanity - A highly visual penetration of a straw into any bottle, no matter if it's plastic or glass. no holes or slits.
    • Dark Horse - Visually link a rubber band onto your cap.
    • Snapback - Rip and Restore a signed card, and be able to hand it out after.