Music Box Playing Cards by Collectible Playing Cards

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    • Brands Mike Guistolise
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCRT078
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    This customized gold-foiled Music Box Playing Cards box looks and sounds like an actual vintage Music Box! A revolutionary tuck case design opens from the top and once opened, a soft, beautiful tune greets you. The song is "Claire De Lune" and it was recorded using a metal comb flicking against metal teeth, giving it the genuine music box sound. Song length is 30 seconds.

    The deck is complete with a dark cherry wood design finish with raised gold foil. It is a stunner design and one that was crafted to look as authentic as possible. The flap lifts up from the keyhole where the cards lay, awaiting to be played with.

    A Special Gold Numbered Key! The key will be found on the bottom of the deck. It brings the whole deck together and makes it a special keepsake.

    • First Ever Deck to Play Music
    • Gold Foiled, Embossed Tuck Case
    • Magnetic Closing Flap
    • Custom Numbered Gold Key
    • Custom Tuck Case Opens from Top
    • Cherry Wood Look Finish
    • Unique Key Hole Design
    • Printed by Expert Playing Card

    Limited Edition. Only 1000 numbered decks printed.

    Real key not included.