Piperactive Vol 2 by James Piper and RSVP Magic - DVD

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Piperactive Vol 2 by James Piper and RSVP Magic - DVD

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    Welcome to "Piperactive Volume 2" the brand new DVD from rsvpmagic starring the superb James Piper. This DVD feature some incredibly strong magic using just a regular deck of cards and some normal coins, from the working act of James Piper, a rising new star in the magic world. All the tricks can be done in the hands and are perfect for all working magicians of all levels


    I'm not interested in coincidences..........
    An unexplainable prediction effect, that leaves them scratching their heads!

    My magic is more sophisticated than that..........
    A charming multi phased 3 coin routine....Funny, interactive and amazing!

    Quicker than the human eye can detect..........
    Coins disappear from the magicians hand only to reappear inside his pocket, with the last coin appearing in an unexpected and unbelievable place!

    Hand hopping trio..........
    3 coins, 3 amazing feats......all in the spectators hands!

    Three peaks..........
    3 people, 3 shoulders, 3 coins....it would be rude not to!

    123 invisible coins..........
    Three invisible coins become visible, right in front of their eyes. A visually stunning coin production that's guaranteed to please.

    I'll place them back!..........
    A beautiful 3 coin vanish that looks so real the spectators with have no choice but to question the nature of reality!

    3 @ A TIME!..........
    The spectators grow suspicious when the magician produces some invisible coins. Then in an unexpected turn of events the coins appear all at the same time at the magicians finger tips.

    I must be using extra coins..........
    After performing some amazing feats with some coins, the magician explains that he must be using an extra coin. He then comes clean and magical produces a huge amount of coins from his empty hands, this has to be seen to be believed!